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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
I can see why someone wouldn't fix software for a side effect of an accelerator, but an MMU is not a side effect.
MMU's work with WHDLoad, just not on the ACA1230 accelerator. Well, as far as i know. Some games doesn't approve, or whatever, so for the sake of compatibility, it should be left off, or so i was told.

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
But I'm having a hard time thinking they wouldn't fix it if it's in WHDLoad itself and it's not a side effect.
I cant for the life of me remember why it doesn't work, i think Jens explained it, around the time when he offered to fix it.

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
And I also have a hard time seeing Jens making something that's incompatible with WHDLoad, so it's likely a side effect/bug/feature and if he offers to fix the hardware, take that offer.
He didn't consider it a bug, but if i remember right his point of view was that WHDLoad did something it shouldn't and hence the accelerator doesn't get MMU support. Thats why he went with the "i can fix it, but it's going to cost ya."

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
For Theme Park to not cap frame rate, I think the slave has to be based on the version without the frame rate cap, or if there is no such version, it has to be patched by the WHDLoad coders.
As i said, i haven't looked in to it much, i simply worked around it by playing of the floppies. The different accelerated modes makes the guests zip around at a much higher phase on the bogstandard A1200 then the WHDLoad with the ACA1230. I didn't have a second, working accelerator so i cant say if it's ACA1230 related, but i think it's more likely that it's something to do with the slave. I used ADF's from the net in my test, but i never had any trouble "back in the day" when i played of my originals. However, sitting here i sudently feel insecure about something. Was it Theme Park, or was it Theme Park 2 that suffered the massive slowdowns... Either way, they are both in the KGload pack, if anyone wants to test it, it's on the EAB Torrent tracker.
Not to mention that it's on the KGWHDLoad site.

(Yeah, i put the tracker above the KG site as a shameless plug. The tracker needs more users. It's pretty desolate.)
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