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I can see why someone wouldn't fix software for a side effect of an accelerator, but an MMU is not a side effect. There are a bunch of incompatibilities in WHDLoad, but mostly it's in the slaves. Doesn't help if many slaves use the same incompatible components, of course, I know. But I run it fine with MMU on my 3 Amigas in my signature, only some slaves need an update to work on all 3.

But I'm having a hard time thinking they wouldn't fix it if it's in WHDLoad itself and it's not a side effect. And I also have a hard time seeing Jens making something that's incompatible with WHDLoad, so it's likely a side effect/bug/feature and if he offers to fix the hardware, take that offer. And then happy times

For Theme Park to not cap frame rate, I think the slave has to be based on the version without the frame rate cap, or if there is no such version, it has to be patched by the WHDLoad coders. I don't know about specific games, but it seems likely. I know Frontier had no frame rate cap to begin with, so it flows like awesomesauce. Other games like all Graftgold games except Simulcra are fixed at half framerate in PAL, even if they could likely manage full framerate on a 68030/AGA. So.

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