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Originally Posted by roberthazelby View Post
I'm probably being thick here, but I don't have an MMU on my 030 card and I've had no problems.
It's even worse. I bought a 1230/56, with MMU, and WHDLoad can't use it. For one reason or another, i cant remember what it is. Jens offered to fix it, for a fee + shipping back and fourth. Bert has no intention to "fix" WHDLoad as it works in the way it's intended to. And just for reference, Bert stated that if the only thing the "fix" by Jens is good for is WHDLoad, then it's not worth it, you won't notice it when gaming. MMU or not doesn't make that big a difference apparently. (In a thread on a (this?) forum i actually was recomended to get a accelerator without MMU as it's supposedly more compatible for WHDLoad needs. No idea if this was true or not. So far the only thing that hasn't behaved as expected with the ACA1230 is Theme Park, which is SLOW... No idea if this is down to the accelerator or the WHDLoad.)

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