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Personally i think commodore themselves are mostly to blame for thier own demise...We wanted to play games like Doom and have cd rom on our amigas. we needed more ram and the ability to expand ( at reasonable prices ) but commodore were having non of it.

The mags were full of interviews with David Pleasance with questions like....We get a lot of letters saying if the amiga does not get CDROM and expandability the amiga could die

His usual response was usually ...Thats rubbish..

The Amiga 4000 at around $3,000 was just a stupid price when you could obtain a DX66 PC for around £500...Amiga Accelerater cards were selling for £290 odd pounds and still no cd rom...

My point is basicly what was stated above in another post...Piracy had a great hand in selling amigas but in my opinion it was commodore who thought they were untouchable in the computer market.....They would not listen to thier customer needs and out priced themselves out of the market....

Piracy did not kill the Amiga..... Commodore did that all by themselves....
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