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I abide by the golden rule:

But to be fair, looking back to those days, I regret more having pirated amiga games then I do now with modern pc games, mostly because the amiga developers deserved a lot more the support. It's true there was a lot of rubbish games, but the good ones were pure gold and it felt amazing how most of 'em were made by like, 5 or 6 guys locked in basement, programming all day. Back then making games was more of a labour of love, and pleasure for game making, than a matter of budget, milestones, resources and shareholders interests, as it is today. Anyone could make great games at home as long as you were a good programmer. So it makes me feel kinda bad that studios like Sensible Software or the Bitmap Bros ended up going nowhere. Then again there was also the american market issue which both commodore and most british-based devs were never able to solve.
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