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Originally Posted by imigger View Post
and ill say again lot of money for an emulator , since when does os4 run classsic real amigas games or apps natively ohh yea it runs an emulator lol ,dooh get real , os4 is great for what it is but its not an amiga its a real slow ppc so there you go thats the truth of it,
I hope I'm not contributing to getting too much off topic, but I sort of agree with this.
If OS4 is a complete rewrite of AmigaOS as AROS is too, if both run classic software on an emulation layer, then my nose points towards to AROS because I have a better chance of running it on commodity hardware.

OS4 and AROS are a kind of a double effort toward the same goal. If only the effort of developing OS4 was geared towards driver development for AROS and have it work on that spare PC we all have laying around ... (yes, wishful thinking).
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