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Returning to the Amiga scene after a long abscence.

After a long abscence from the Amiga scene I have recently picked up an A600 and then the other day an A1200. The A600 is bog standard but the A1200 has a Blizzard 1220/4 card and a 80MB internal HDD. The A600 works just fine but the 1200 is not booting from the floppy and I can only get the HDD to boot to an AmigaDOS terminal.

The reason I left the Amiga fold in the first place is quite funny in a way. I had made a tower housed A1200 with a 030, MMU, FPU, 8 MB FASTRAM, CD-ROM and a 850 MB HDD.
I was using it for college stuff and games but had kind of drifted into console stuff for gaming. I gave the Amiga to a mate to use for his college stuff and when I went to collect it all after he finished college we went to his Mums house to discover she had chucked it out! Monitor, tower, keyboard and software all gone.

Anyway that was a long time ago and it is about time I got back on the Amiga scene as there is a lot of good platformers, shooters and demos I've yet to enjoy.
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