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A Christmas Gift to All Amiga Fans

Hey folks - I used to run an Amiga software company called Legendary Design Technologies and for two of the years (1994 and 1995) we put out a Christmas disk called "A Down Home Christmas".

The distribution was limited and I have noticed that there is NOT an ADF of either of these disks out there.

Since my commercial Amiga days are long over, I'm happy to release these to the community to play around with and being so close to Christmas - it truly is our gift to the community.

I wasn't able to locate the original sleeve -- although I do have them, so the pictures on the software are screenshots but I will get that fixed. You can read more and download the ADF files on the following pages:

A Down Home Christmas (1994)

A Down Home Christmas (1995)

We hope that you enjoy these "new" releases and have a great holiday season. Please make sure to stop in our Amiga software library at the Personal Computer Museum to see what other Amiga memories we have!

Finally, if you want to see a rare Amiga-made Christmas video check this link out. This video, titled "Secret of the Season" was put together by us to promote our products at the time but makes for a nice video ... and it's REALLY nice to know that it was completely done on the Amiga!

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