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OS4.1 Classic isn't really a lot of use on your setup, although supported BVision has only 8mb VRAM and really suffers for this.

Most OS4.x apps are coded for faster SamEP/AmigaOne setups and will not run well at all on 166-300mhz PPC

The best Classic experience is on a CyberStormPPC with Mediator Di and Radeon 9200 due to the faster 64bit Memory.

The best option for an A1200 is Mediator 1200TX and Radeon/ESS Solo Audio/PCI NIC. I have mine setup like this and also a PCI SATA card for the HDD the OS is installed on (you can see from my post above how I set that up)

Still, it's not fast enough to have an enjoyable OS which is why I bought the AmigaOne, I must say that after all the money I spent on this project to use OS4.1 classic I was very disappointed.

I mostly use OS3.9/AfA for a slick/fast workbench and Voodoo3 for Warp3D fun

For your setup, sure have a play with the OS on your BVision setup, just don't expect too much other than a proof on concept and a slightly better Web Broswser. I guess the best bit is not having to mess around install Warp3D and all the drivers for USB/etc.

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