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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
OS3.9 hasn't permision to distribute Idefix, but if you make an Emergency Disk, it will ask that as you're using it (you've got it installed) if you want the E-Disk to be using it, so it copy Your files (or you could use the Demo version even).
Really I tried to get it working and I copied atapi.device, idefix and CacheCdfs in it's drawers. I added Idefix at the first line in the s-s, with Wait later, but it wasn't working right (was booting, but not reading the Cd). Anyway, if it could boot from the second channel without IDEfix, ok for me.

I would like to know which is the list of compatible Pcmcia Wifi cards, and to know if my Orinoco Gold is compatible (and if I can use prism2.device).

I've found this: BTW good to find this blog.
So, it means that for a desktop A1200 I only can try with Poseidon and Ethernet using a USB NIC, doesn't it?

"USB devices compatible with Poseidon are not listed here. They all should work except for USB Sound cards which require an additional file named usbaudio.a.main to be placed in LIBS: After a cold restart your USB sound card should be available in AHI prefs. Poseidon must be started in order for the sound to work.".(For old threads I see not for Subway but for Deneb.)

You dont need idefix, you just need the atapi.device, cd0 mount file and CDFS. This is how i use the second channel.

As I said, it would be nice if the OS4.1 boot cd app, did activate the second channel.
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