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Business plan for Hyperion = Sell as many OS4 licenses as possible. Have HW base to support the new licenses. Ensure HW / SW compatibility.

NEED = Compatible hardware that is readily available in a known volume with the option of scaling the platform upwards in line with demand.

iBook G4:
Available = Yes, Second hand.
Known quantity = No.
Readily available = No.
Scalable = No.
HW support for users = No.
Profit in HW sales for Hyperion = No.

OS4 Netbook:
Available = Yes.
Known quantity = Yes.
Readily available = Yes.
Scalable = Yes.
HW support for users = Yes.
Profit in HW sales for Hyperion = Yes.

To achieve the goal, the OS4 Netbook appears to be the HW route of choice.
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