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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Would be ten times better for them to write drivers so AmigaOS ruds on a 12 inch iBook G4 which is not only more powerful than this garbage but also readily available for cheap on places like eBay.

How can people still support these retarded ventures? The fanatism goes well beyond logical comprehension
Yeah the iBook G4 would be great for AmigaOS 4, but Apple just don't put out comprehensive information on the hardware, so I think Hyperion is ignoring those machines because it's so much work to get up on that platform so to speak.

Originally Posted by desiv View Post
By whom?
In related threads on, and, and like DDNI said if you google a bit it seems to be the best/only good match. But like you said they could be working on something different and it could just as well end up being $300 for AmigaOS 4 running on a more recent $250 device.
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