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SysSpeed won't install

Whether I start SysSpeed (without install) from WB or CLI, it fails returncode 10.

No wonder, as it's got an elaborate install script that probably needs to run.

Whether I go Execute Install from WB or CLI, it stop with "(set is not a command" (or similar). Including the leading paranthesis.

I have OS3.1+ClassicWB, kick 3.1.

I'm not sure I can correct the install script. Failed in WinUAE as well (tried it there first).

Could someone please install it to some folders like "TestFonts", "TestLocale", "TestLibs", "TestC" etc and I could copy them to Libs, C etc?

Or failing that tell me why the install script won't run? (Could be in the readme now that I think of it, but there wasn't much to choose from in the extracted folder, and running Install seems to be the ticket.) It blinks a lot with the HD before it fails, long before asking any install questions about the folders.

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