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Originally Posted by tehJP View Post
Is there any source code or advice that you could offer up to help me out?
I've uploaded the source code here: ~3Mb. Be warned, the majority of it is written in Visual Basic 6! Only the display rendering and de-RNC parts are in C (renderlib folder).

The info you're after can be found in source\clsLevel.cls, line 1194, function loadFrom. The gist of it is that a level starts with 7 pointers to data further in the level file, namely map (tiles), templates (3x3 tile pieces), script blocks, trigger, covers, pickups and finally the music map. If you want to know how each of these are laid out, you will have to check other files as well. The structure of a map (either level map or tilemap) is described in clsTileMap.cls. clsGame.cls contains all the code to load various game data, including the levels. Program entry point is the function Main in modMain.bas. External C function definitions are in modRenderLib.bas, in case you can't find a function call inside the VB project files. data\game.cfg describes some of the game's file details in a more abstract form.

There's also some notes in the "specs" folder, but they mostly cover things I did not figure out completely. tabs.txt describes some level details as well. Feel free to ask questions you might have.

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