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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Can I suggest you write this for AGA machines first and then later scale back the graphics and engine for A500. If at a later date you decided to do an AGA version then rewriting the engine won't be as quick as simple downgrade of graphics. You would have to redo the graphics. Maybe you should make two graphics sets to be on the safe side. Also, coming up with a design document now will help you to see potential hurdles early on and will help you keep on track further on in the project.
All the graphics will be saved in original large sizes in full colour and then I will, for example, change them to suit OCS colour restrictions etc so that's no problem. The textured 3D floor routine is also a bit of a cheat a la Stardust/Super Stardust tunnels and more colours/detail = more than 2mb making it quite an expensive host AGA machine.

I don't think it would run fast enough on 640x512 on A1200 via Blitz so I'd leave that for later testing. I will do a nice AGA version for UAE/WinUAE eventually.

Agreed, need to sit down and design all the levels/gameplay/bonus features/graphics ideas and do some basic algorithms for game engine mechanics.

Originally Posted by musojon74 View Post
I found my blitz 2.1 manual. Shout if you need any pages.
Thanks. Haven't found my Blitz yet, all my retro software/games stuff is boxed up and stacked up in the spare room, must be 50 large boxes .

================================more diary/blog waffle=====================

Thought more about the floor today and I think I found a way to cut memory requirements by 2/3 by using the copper in a better way I will do a simple test to check it looks good and upload an image.

Also my nephew who works as a professional CG artist(because I gave him Lightwave to try out on PC in the 90s) for the movie industry was quite excited about the project and offered some help too doing the 3D model to 2D anim capturing. He did have some ideas to make it less SNES Mode 7 looking before I got round to explaining my v2 scaled Afterburner graphics style engine. Think he was a bit shocked that this may even run on a 7mhz 16bit machine. I then told him about my idea for Oblivion forest engine on Amiga and that I'd need to write/blit 2-3mb a not one for Blitz basic

He said I should get it ported to iOS and Android hmmmmmmm

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