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Ok, stop burning CDs until I find a solution.
You can burn one without RAD activated, it will work.

Can you try this thing with one of the CD you have burnt.
As you said you have heard the 2 sounds, just when TL write the name of the GAME before the fade out, open the tray of the CDROM. After the reset it should boot from the RAD. If it ask for CD0, close the tray and tell me what happen should not work I think.


Just to keep you updated
I worked all the day on this issue
Now I have another version of TL that should work.

'Should' because I have no CD to test.
But here is what I've done.

I have added the key 'B' tell to TL that the games are on a CD (CD0
You'll see the status of this option in the infodesk.

As I have no CDROM ATM, I tried with the SX-1 (games on a CD)
I succeed to boot with the RAD and launch a game which was on the CD.

Just a little problem, the priority seems to be : 1/CD 2/RAD (Which is weird)
So if there's a bootable CD...
But I'll check without the SX-1 as soon as I have a CDROM

If you want to try, first look at my video:
The last version :
(Delete S:TinyLauncher/TinySys.db before runing it)

My Sysconfig look like:
ECS -> CD0:GAMES (To display games on the CDROM)

To do this I have assigned a directory under emulation:
Then I have created a directory 'Games' in CD0:

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