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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
like 360/PS3 yeah, but they dont normally unlock stuff ingame.. rather just rewarding points for completing certain tasks or finding hidden items etc etc
Well it's kind of like a shoot em up on rails if you've ever played Buck Rogers on Coleco/C64/Arcade and I can't really change that aspect so I will have to think how to implement it seeing as you can't go where you want to and it's kill or be killed action all the way. End of the day it sounds like bonus points as we used to call them in the 80s so should be some way to do stuff

Anyway, had quite a good day today. Learnt a lot on a new (for me) modelling package. Also created a new Starfighter from scratch because I had to decide if the ship will rotate through the Y axis or the Z axis (as piercing the center point of the model. Still not 100% sure but hey I have a better graphic for the players ship to play with in the render. I think I will actually render out both and do a basic game engine that does both and see which looks and plays better. I better watch that longplay again later to check what the arcade and Adam versions do

BTW - Also I saw a very similar car to the one I had on ebay, would be nice to be sitting one of those again but I decided best not (and it has starship mileage and it isn't in silver!). Probably why I spent hours doing stuff related to this game, makes me happy. I like this Amiga one man band game dev stuff, bet its far more fun than working on Gears of War 3 or Windows 8


Hows it going so far? Well....couple of issues I've thought of already.

1. I don't like the 'pirate' ships the Draconans used AND I can hardly use Hawk's ship as there was only ever one! So may have to go with the flow of the original arcade game type enemies. Not happy about this, will see how the viewing of all the old TV series goes and see if I have forgotten an enemy ship style.

2. I accidentally did a test render in 640x400 and the ship looks sweet with that sort of detail. Damn it I don't think I have either the chipset bandwidth OR the required chipram to do a version in hires lace.

3. (yeah I know couple=2!) I think as part of the update it will need to have power ups, not sure exactly what or how best to do it as it is nowhere in the original gameplay. I did have this really crazy idea of a collect-em-up overhead section which means if you land in the right place you get to collect loads of extras. BUT all the enemies must die with one shot anyway and if you go faster it's even harder to play not easier. Will have to sit and think about what the 'extra twist' is a la tunnel sections to the asteriods meat and potatoes gameplay of Super Stardust as well as what powerups to have. Shield would be good like Gradius/Nemesis....takes ages to collect enough to get it but then if you're crap at the game it's used up in 10 seconds of onscreen mashup collision.

This also leads me onto another problem, the horizon is set quite high (ditto in the home/arcade versions of the 80s game) so I really would love to make this a 320x256 rez game. I know this will piss everyone off who has an NTSC machine. I need to decide before getting too far into it as it affects a lot of graphics later on not just the code.

Any Crazy wacky things in this game because it's your game? I'm going to put some really odd snipets of speech in the game too, this is because the characters make me laugh and they are so not 25th century voices/accents! But yeah anyway to give you a clue which TV show they come from...."If man says he's a ting...........den him ting init". Don't worry you will have an option to switch the speech off

(piccy attached of banked Starfigher over simple two colour background to give idea of perspective only. Just so you get an idea of the main player graphic)
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