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No problem! - except I'd still consider a shareware / indie fee. (speaking as someone who's currently unemployed )

I just came across this effort while searching - interesting it mentions the Amiga.

As far as graphics/sprites go, the easiest way is to take an existing photo from the internet - downgrade it to 16 colours, remap the palette approprately, and then edit the final picture to look more like a video game. At least that's how you might do it for an Amiga - a PC can handle photo-perfect sprites if you really wanted. To give you a crappy example, this took me 20mins this afternoon. I know the aspect/view is not perfect for Lotus games, but it's an easy way to start...

EDIT: I just upload my review of Lotus 1 in preparation for the EAB/Lemon competition. May be of interest?

[ Show youtube player ]

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