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Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll try and respond in more details when I have a chance, but in short...

- I'd never intended to charge for the game at all. Perhaps donations for features is an option, but I wouldn't feel right leveraging the work of the original developers even with their blessing. Not to mention the 'who owns the rights issue'.

- Most of your graphical suggestions would require a skilled artist to come in, and if there's any here who think they could take it on then I'd love for them to help.

- As for new cars, same deal. If there's anyone here who could draw new cars in the style of the old ones, I'm all for having them help! Dropping them in is obviously a breeze.

- Hills in distance are easily solved by drawing further into the distance. The algorithm already supports it, but I stopped short to keep it like the original.

Don't worry though, it doesn't put me off -- I just need to get to version 1.0 at the minute.

Basically, version 1.0 looks like this for me :

- Multiplayer only, no AI at this stage
- All original tracks (from 1 & 2) available in all weather conditions
- As many cars as possible, with choice of colour.
- Original graphics used, and touched up where necessary (i.e gradients)
- Reworked music tracks (using donated tracks, and my own 'real instruments' versions of the tracks)

...and then further tweaks after that...

- Single player 'campaign' mode
- Split screen, if people actually would use it
- Addition of new artwork for backgrounds, weather, track textures & trackside objects
- Track designer.
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