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No idea what peoples take on Top Gear 2 is here, but i really loved the SNES version (liked it a lot more than the Lotus series), so perhaps look at that to see some of the features it has? I personally have never played the Amiga version, partly because I cannot get it to run on my Amiga's. (It requires more than 1MB of RAM)

Had some really great music on it, allowed you to fit upgrades to your car, had nitro that you could fire off during the race to get a boost of speed. Just had more of an adrenaline rush and more of a point to it because of the earning money to upgrade your car aspect etc. Had great fun with my brother when he were young, was the game we mostly played on the SNES.

[ Show youtube player ]

Thats a quick view of the SNES version of Top Gear 2.

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