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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
looks super, will the car drift when entering tight bends? Right now it seems to be on rails in the centre of the track.
Yeah man, at the minute the track routine is the main focus, getting it so it looks just so. It does have the perspective effect you get when you move left and right and I probably should have demonstrated that in the video, but I forgot.

The way the game (and most games of this type) actually work is to slide the track off the the side of the screen when a bend appears and then you turn the car just to 'keep up with the track'. When these physics aren't implemented the track just stays on the screen and the car stays in the middle. It's a very clever and simple technique and my hat goes off to whoever first discovered this.

The next step is to implement the turning so hopefully I'll be able to post a video of the driveable track to give you a better idea of it.

...and then the roadsigns, trackside objects, gear changes, road speed, other cars, menus, multiplayer code and so on...

Definitely going to include a proper track editor though as I need to build one for developing custom tracks myself and if I can polish enough it could be included in the game. But a mixture of the original source and WinUAE debugger means I'll be able to include all of the original tracks in the game which is a real bonus.

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