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Harddisk not recognized in HDTools...

I finally managed to get WinUAE to detect my dedicated 1.7GB harddrive, but when i boot Workbench 3.1 and run HDTools on the Install Disk the drive isn't detected at all.... am i doing something wrong? I am running the emu with 68020+FPU CPU and Kickstart 3.0 (trying to emulate my real A4000 as close as i can... although my A4000 has a 68030 which for some weird reason isn't emulated by WinUAE)... So what am i doing wrong? The harddisk is setup in WinUAE's harddisk tab, but when i boot, nothing.... i also checked the preboot menu (the one you get to with both mouse buttons pressed while booting) but nothing there either....
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