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Originally Posted by voxel View Post
too bad for your job, but it seems you're not too affected ^^

Cool a new game ! :-)

BTW, if you want to have it on the shelves, I'll be happy to manufacture and distribute it :-) PM me when you want :-)
Hmmm I am affected, I'm not loaded and I will not be replacing my car (which I really loved) unless my other business idea takes off. It's just I got loan/mortgage out of the way and need a rest because my health comes first so it's time for some sacrifices

What would be cool to do is to create 3 auto-booting ISOs for Win/Mac/Linux users to also enjoy it via emulation

Originally Posted by spiff View Post
ImmortalA1000, nice!

May I suggest that you build a reference/work portfolio at the same time? It will probably be useful down along the line. Something like:

Do you know 3d graphics?
Sure, here's a graphic sheet of 3 renders for an (potential) android game application.

Do you have any manager experience?
I worked as "software/etc" manager for a volunteer project and managed release schedule.. bla bla
For getting another job or just for info of other classic Amiga game projects?

PS Worryingly planet Nibiru is scheduled to crash into the Earth in 12 I guess this is my project deadline
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