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Thank you Graham (will dig out the box and check) and Synchro. In fact thank you to everyone for offering encouragement or offers to help.

I will update that diary post for now until I create a site for the project and have some things I want to show.

Will there be just one version? Probably BUT I will keep all source files in their original size and quality and resample them as required to target pixel/colour resolutions. This means the door is open (subject to impact on performance) to have an AGA version with 64 or 128 colours+copper list extras. This might then make the game 4mb only depending on which engine for the 3D floor I use and how large the final scaled graphics data I need to keep pre-calculated in memory is. I'm not saying no but I do have other plans for an AGA game in super high-res interlace

There is some good news though (or bad news if you had to live through all that "multimedia PC" Windows CD-ROM FMV crap haha) because a hard disk specific version may also be made. In a totally unexpected moment I think I have cracked 16:9 aspect ratio 25FPS movie playback with mono sound for 512kb OCS/ECS Amigas. Whilst discussing movie playback on a stock 8mhz Atari STE on another forum I hit upon an idea which solves a lot of problems I had with my original movie player I was making for the A1000 machines. It is unlikely to get my new algorithm to work in more than 32 colours without 1mb chipram which counts out the Amiga 1000 but it should work in HAM mode fine given enough chipram and possibly if the code is tight enough I can do 2:35:1 HAM cut scenes. I have found a way to solve my biggest problem of seek time latency if I enforce certain restrictions on the player (frame size, exact image size, everything uncompressed, no fragmentation in Chipmem allowed) BUT this is the may actually be possible to get it to work theoretically. I have a slight reservation on sound being handled properly to the millisecond (streamed video is no problem) but wrapping it all in a single custom file in specific chunks and double buffering the sound AND video could work. If it does work I will do some cut scenes for a hard disk version of the game or an intro at the very least so your jaws will drop before you even have a single go of the game.
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