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Originally Posted by James View Post
I think Boo Boo had the right idea, use AROS and avoid legal problems...
AFAIK Haage & Partner have the distribution rights to OS3.9 (Amiga Forever uses a fake/new OS3.9). Has anyone checked with them recently to see if they would allow it to be distributed freely?
The launcher is not for public release ( although it might get about ) its kind of a community thing i do. People email me for the link from here....Most of us own roms either real amigas or amiga forever.....

Using Aros wouldnt be an advantage if i want to put whd games within the workbench and as the launcher would be filled with games it kind of defeats the object.

It would be like saying your car is insured but not taxed....either way its considered wrong...

However with all my stuff its always been free and i consider them as preservation not piracy...I dare anyone to state they "only" use adf's or roms they actually own the real games for...also as with the Tribute dvd's i even put a link to Amiga forever to encourage people to buy...i own it....all of us should to be as legal as possible...Amiga forever makes it easy.....but thier config isnt always what we want so the launchers make it simple.

Lots of people wont agree with the way i think and i am happy just to make them for my own use but i choose to share to give others the benefit of playing the games in a nice tidy package.

I did not realise the Workbench shown above was using OS3.9 i would not use that as its still for sale but a nice HD of WB 2.0 or 3.1 would not really harm anyone.

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