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With absolute conviction I can only say "phew, what a relief"

Just as randomly as it apeared to have died it came back to life.
As I was just telling a friend I have no idea what caused it. I was using it one minute, then the next it crashed. Ctrl/amiga/amiga didnt work so I powered it off an it refused to start up again but it gave me nothing, and no clues as to what was going on. Simply left me with a black screen, no power lights even. It appeared to have just given up the ghost. Only way I knew it was even getting power is the small fan (40mhz '040, so I need a fan) would start up when I powered it up.
I completely dismantled it and gave it a good clean multiple times, but still nothing. Left it alone for a few hours after that, then tried again, still no good. Pulled it apart again, scanned the mobo, etc for any traces of damage, cleaned it again, reseated everything, still no good.

By this point I was pretty convinced it was dead so just left it. A few hours later I have it one last try. It still didnt work, but power light flicked when I tried to start it up. This gave me enough hope to try again, and thankfully 15 or so minutes of stuffing around later and it suddenly sprang back to life with no signs it had been dead for 7 hours..

Im more than a little relieved
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