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Originally Posted by pmc View Post
Is your game going to be made in asm, or...?
First attempt will be in Blitz yes but I know to make it work in less than 2mb will need ASM for realtime calculations and then it may run on a stock A500. The extra memory is for LUT for various things that will speed things up a lot so I don't have to do ASM for the engine. Put it this won't look as bad as 75% of Amiga commercial games

I'm waiting for an insurance cheque at the moment and also for a couple of bits to turn up on ebay (a desk would also help so need to get one of those haha) and then I will be on it.

PS: I know I have about 10-15 pages missing from my Blitz 2.1 manual, if needed would someone be able to scan those few pages for me so I can print them out and put them in my ring bound manual? They are kind of important seing as they are Blitz mode commands! Moral of the story:ALWAYS check every page of a manual when buying stuff from fleabay!!

My Oblivion/Skyrim* a la SEGA 2.5D-o-vision is 100% ASM for sure this is why it is not scheduled to be released until after planet Nibiru has crashed into the Earth and wiped us all out

(*or Forbidden Forest 2.5D if that sounds too fantastical for an Amiga project)
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