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gibs : well, that makes sense : the problem I refer to happens when you don't have enough RAM to preload the entire game in memory -- for instance in my case, I have a 2 MB A1200 but I only have about 1.4 MB left when booting without startup sequence and less that 1.1 MB under TinyLauncher, probably because of my SFS caches.

So in other words : if you don't have enough ram to preload, the game is interrupted for disk accesses (which is normal). When it happens, I can hear the music from TinyLauncher being played. (which reveals it wasn't freed : so memory is wasted apparently)

In your video there is no interruption, thus the multitasking is not resumed, so you don't hear the MOD being played by TinyLauncher.

This bug might be a problem even if you have enough FAST memory, because it might still consume some CHIP memory while a game is being run.

Thanks again !

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