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Originally Posted by Interceptor View Post
i have to chime in and say i also thought it was a bit shit.

it just doesn't 'get it'. it feels like those crappy remakes that people were churning out on games factory some years back.

yes it looks nice, and, i guess it sounds nice, but it plays badly.

some years ago i worked on a remake of the original dizzy, my reasons were that the first game was never made in the 16-bit style, yet all subsequent dizzy games actually rehash features from the original game, therefore i could salvage pretty much all the artwork needed from the 16-bit games in the series to re-create the original.

it was coming out quite well, but in the end once i'd got over the hurdles of putting the game together it became quite tiresome and I lost interest.

Thats a shame dude, from those screenshots I am very impressed
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