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Good news! I lost my job!

Why is this good news? Why is it here on EAB forum topic? lol

Because it means I finally can get on with enjoying life a bit (which is still off topic!) AND start writing an Amiga game. Yes I have finally decided on what I will be using my spare time for probably the next year of my life.

I am doing a 3D Sega sprite scaling type game.....and it will be very loosely based on the arcade game Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom. 'Based on' in the same way as Super Stardust AGA is based on arcade Asteriods (and yet looks and sounds nothing like as crap as that early arcade game).

I just need a few bits and bobs to complete a machine I can actually start developing on and then I can start properly. I have done some of the graphics during lunch breaks at work (until the ass face manager insisted we all had to answer phones even when sitting at our desks during our chosen time for 1 hour lunch!).

The Star Fighters are looking pretty awesome so far and the textured floor of the desert (what f%$ing desert you ask? lol) is also looking OK but I think I can make it better with some different algorithms and graphics for a more 80s arcadey sort of look. I have 8 different levels in mind, not 100% sure yet.

I may ask someone for some help with the music in the future which would be really appreciated.

I may also ask the odd coding question because I have some odd ideas about how to do stuff differently sometimes (like the time I tried to use EHB as a highlight system not a shadow system haha).

I hope to have a demo by the summer, a gameplay video of beta code by spring and some screenshots after Xmas (when I am happy with the colour of the sand ).

Important: This will probably take a year to finish but the game will be FREE.It will be copyrighted still so please remember that. Hopefully will offer a service to send it out on real disks for use on real Amigas.

(I am also hoping to do a nice SILENTreplica of Level 1 Stage 3 of the Megadrive game Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion just because it makes an awesome little game demo to pass time with AND I believe it is quite possible with all the parallax using stock OCS features...we shall see. This is more for practice on Blitz coding for other things)
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