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Question About to pop a vein in my head..

Ok.. finally got my a600 with WB3.1 on the harddrive attached to my peecee.. and after some tweaking, got the amiga explorer working..

But now i'm lost...

I want to install various software.. like MUI, Miami and that kind of stuff..

i extracted the mui38usr.lha to a another partition and used the installer on it... i made a MUI directory under DH0: and all seemed to be fine.. well the installer just slapped the files in there... is it supposed to do that? Now i have to move every single file to their corresponding drawers? By hand? aww fuck...

Ain't there an easier way?

Looked at some preconfigured setups by bloodwych for tips but can't make heads or tales about all the files..

Can someone do a step-by-step n00bie installing guide??
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