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Sorry guys, I really shouldnt say times that I'll be doing stuff. Real life distractions keep getting in the way. I am still eager to continue though, I just need to stop getting distracted

Sorry guy, but Ive somehow deleted your PMs I think. I didnt consciously do it, but I just now tried to read them again and cant find them (other pms are still there though). I did read them, but I didnt download them at that time so if you could send me the links again Id appreciate it. Thanks.

I'm just downloading your graphics now. Will get back to you shortly.
edit: I had a look and and tried them out, and I quite like them Thanks for that.

No problem. Ive just been working on a slightly updated version that's a tailored a little towards trying new graphics and sounds, so I'll send you a copy when I send that to other people who are helping out.

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