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OMG! I'm terribly sorry all, especially to you Prowler for going AWOL especially since I've been holding up your great work! Haven't had a chance to try the fruits of your labour just yet. I've just been catching up on this thread. Had no idea how much hard work you've been putting in - a million thanks to you and everyone else for your tireless efforts!
Regarding the high-score table saves, please could you clarify what you mean by saving scores? I always switched write-protect on all my disks so I wouldn't be literally saving the tables. But if you mean that the scores aren't saved into MEMORY after each game I'm pretty sure it did. Me and my siblings were always trying to beat each other's scores and I'm sure I remember my name residing at the top of the table. I asked my sister and she's pretty sure of this too. There's a chance I'm wrong on this but don't remember a problem with the hi-scores.
NfernalNfluence, you are correct mate. Midnight Resistance, CLASSIC!
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