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I tried WHDLoad Breathless and it completely crawled. Tried windowed mode and it worked better until I made the window larger to see the display, then it crawled.

Quick question that probably isn't beta related. What has happened to keyboard input?? Is it broken? Why do I have to select 'Game Ports Panel' in the Input section to get the keyboard working again, thus losing my custom configured game pad settings? What has happened? Is it like this by design now??

Tried with standard non-JIT low-latency fs config and received mixed results with this beta compared to the last version. CPU usage is now 90-100% compared with 40-50% in the previous official release. Has my CPU fan whirling round like a banshee. Setting JIT makes no real difference although if I also switch on the fastest possible mode then it really slows down and CPU usage is upto 150%. Is this because it is just a debug executable or maybe somthing else?

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