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Thanks again Toni!

With the help of this thread and the one about 'setup and install' I finally got around to installing a new (and faster!!) PFS3 hardfile on my PC. Works like a charm! I had it crash once on me already (copying way too many files with extra long path locations makes my DOpus v4 hang sometimes), but the drive stayed 'validated' and with zero data loss or corruption. So you see, installing this has saved me a large amount of time rescuing duff disks already.

In an attempt to make this BREAKTHROUGH available to the general amiga community, I made this video today which hopefully shows an installation of PFS3 via WinUAE for newbies. It comes in two parts: installing the 020 (DS) version, and installing the new KS1.3 handlers you made. Feel free to link to this if you think its good enough. The video also contains some of the essential posts from these EAB threads in case they get 'lost-in-the-heap' in years to come.

[ Show youtube player ]


Originally Posted by Retroplay
Worth mentioning is that you have to change SCSI.device to UAEHF.device in icon info in HDToolbox and HDInstTools (what I use) if using WinUAE and HDF files.
^ What he said!

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