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Oh by the way, I have an issue : I run TinyLauncher at the beginning of my startup-sequence, and after exiting a game I get an error similar to "Device not found" (I'll double check to give you the exact error message). And, thus, for some reason, I cannot store the return code to check if TL was exited or if a game was exited and thus if it has to be put in a "loop" or if I can carry on loading the Workbench.

I get the same error when I start TL without startup sequence. (I don't get the error if I exit TL without selecting a game).

A last question : is it normal that the "workbench screen" appears for a fraction of a second if I start TL at the beginning of the startup-sequence ? Shouldn't the screen remain black all the time ?

Cheers & thanks again !

BTW : I have a 2 MB A1200, ATM, with a modified "3.9 rom" which seems to eat more memory (many things preloaded, like Kingcon etc. even with no startup sequence ;-)" and really few games (even ECS ones) work. Well, it's not your fault

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