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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Another thing that didn't help, is the fact that the Amiga used disks.

Today, I have bought quite a few PS2 originals, but I don't buy them at full price, I wait until they drop in price as an exchange game.

Cartridges and DVD's are relatively easy to check, a disk isn't.

Lots of things buggered up the Amiga, Commodore being the major factor.

You gave me an interesting thought here Galahad.

If the Amiga had gotten to grips with the CD format earlier than it actually did, do you think it would have stood a better chance at surviving?

And I don't mean the CD32 specifically. I mean if we had seen an A500, A500+ or A600 with a CD drive which could run games.

It appeared that when they were cutting their teeth with CDs, they were so busy trying to push the boundaries of what they had through big fancy video driven games/graphics and full blown speech that a single game took almost all of their effort and time. Compare the number of releases on CD32 even against the A1200 (AGA) releases.

Originally Posted by JonSick View Post
If my pirated disk ever did develop a fault, I could just go get another copy of one of my mates. My bloodnet disk 8 is still faulty, neither the shop or software house wanted to know! I ended up buying a pirate copy.
I could back up my pirate games - no chance with original games! Meaning I'd always have a copy somewhere or another!
Nothing to do with the original topic but my Bloodnet Disk 8 was also faulty, AFAIK I posted mine back to them and they replaced it - pretty sure they'd mentioned it was a faulty batch or something like that.

It took them so long though (around a month I think) to get back to me with it, that in the meantime I gave up on them and picked up a copied disk 8 instead!

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