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Salut Gibs ! Very cool & useful launcher, thanks a lot for your work :-)

May I ask you a few questions with some ideas ?

1) Important one for me ;-) Is it possible to make "screens transitions / animations" faster than they are today ? I guess I'm not patient enough ;-)

2) Would it be possible to have pictures that look "less retro" for games / demos / etc., more in the style of the demoscene for instance ? The current ones are cool, but don't pay justice to the Amiga ;-)

3) Would it be possible to auto-load a module file ? <-- would be pretty awesome

4) Would it be possible to make the sound effects less loud / less agressive ?

5) Would it be possible to have more categories (custom ones ?) than just "ECS" and "AGA" ? Maybe game genres like action / strategy / shmup... ?

6) Would it be possible to show previews (or the icon maybe ?) of the currently selected game, when the user releases the joystick for one second (not to slow down the menu) ?

7) is it possible to add an option not to exit TinyLauncher when starting a game, so that, after exiting the game, you don't have to reload TinyLauncher in order to make things slightly faster ?

8) Is it possible to force WHDLOAD to use the same "exit" key all the time and other useful options ?

Well, many ideas, but it's already pretty cool the way it is, thanks & keep up the great work Definitely great to use the Amiga in a Arcade Cabinet !

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