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A little late?

Hello folks,

I joined this wonderful forum a couple years ago and never really formally introduced myself, I made that classic school boy error of joining up and rushing straight to where I thought the action was in the "WINUAE Beta threads" , being a closet long term adopter of this great software I was truly excited to get the chance to contribute in some small way, I realize joining up and not taking the time to read the forums protocols and etiquette may peeve some folks off so I apologize if that has been the case...

I have always been into computers from an early age like a lot of people here, the first being the beloved commodore VIC-20 which I still have much affection for and then onto the sublime C64. Many computers and gaming systems later I came across the Amiga which was love at first sight, I think it was the Turrican 2 demo that did it for me, it kind of made my Atari ST seem redundant at the time with its bleeps, blops and less shaded copper fills! Have been involved creatively with the Amiga at a low level with various game projects and geeky ventures most notably with the Game "Blobz" published in 1996 by Apex Systems where I helped to design and the audio side of things.

These days I still keep in touch with the Amiga with various things and small pet projects along side my youtube channel (shameless plug) which is like my home base for geekdom!

Paul / Lordofchaos
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