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New Super Mario Bros.
Originally Posted by P-J View Post
A good example of this, would be, say, a soccer game.

Remaking it using the original graphics (or original graphic style), but then adding new features. For example having much more variation in the pitch textures to add muddy patches, dry patches, divets and such like. Putting the referee & linesmen in if it didn't have them original. Why not add the offside rule? Why not add team customisation, or online multiplayer.

That's where the REAL fun is for me in a remake. I know it's probably not particularly creative, but for a programmer/artist/musician it's incredibly freeing if you used to love the game and people would likely enjoy it.

Sadly the first port of call is to modernise it by using 2.5d, for example.
I have to agree, all tho some remakes in 2.5d are actually quite good like Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat (2011), Donkey Kong Country Returns & New Super Mario Bros..
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