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Originally Posted by CritAnime View Post
I have tried lots of the recent retro hd remakes and found them to be lacking that spark.
Yeah, agreed. An Amiga remake I'm working on at the minute maintains the visual style and feel (down to the resolution), but have used the modern hardware to implement new features that wouldn't be possible on the Amiga due to memory limitations, disk limitations, grunt limitations or connectivity limitations.

That's where I feel the best remakes are at. Look at the Head over Heels remake for example. It's got all the original feel, the style, the pixelly look and just uses the modern hardware for a little bit of garnish that makes it like a whole new experience.

Also, there's a huge nostalgia factor when playing old games, and the remakes need to pander to this. This Dizzy game just looks like an early 21st century flash game, and whilst plenty of those are great, they don't invoke nostalgia. That is to be found in the visual style, the audio & the controls.

By forgetting what made the original great, you're just making a crappy game.

Just so there's no confusions-- I love modern games just as much as I like old games, so there's no old vs new bias here.
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