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My Avatar is Morbane which is short for Morbannon - a character I played in AD&D. When we wernt tossing the dice, the Amiga 500 was doing it for us - with the whole of 1 megabyte of RAM and 7 whopping Mhz clock speed. Wemanaged to rig a 200 Meg Hard Drive to our Amiga 500s which the case would hold 2 more Mb of RAM but it didnt ever work with any noticable effect - but we had it - 3MB RAM!!

I did about 20 or 30 3.5s full of DPaint projects for all of our would be Amiga Games or our PnP stuff from all the many RPGs we played.

I have tries to get a hold of those friends rom years past but they do not seem to want to since it HAS been like 20 years since then.

Hello Amiga Amigos!
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