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Since I see you have a Subway USB, and some WHDLoad titles have indeed problems with Poseidon being online, I'd suggest you disable it to test it out.
After all, since in WinUAE you don't have problems, it's probably because Poseidon doesn't find USB hardware alas it's not starting and that's why you don't have an issue there

So... on your real Amiga, open a CLI window and issue the following command:
(Don't worry it won't uninstall anything. It's just disables the USB hardware till you restart your Amiga)
Then run your "State of the Art" demo and tell us if it runs ok.

If it does, you can use 2 scripts that I made to enable/disable USB with using 2 icons that you can "Leave Out" in your Workbench screen.
Generally it's a lot better to start WHDLoad without having Poseidon online since there are titles that have general issues with it. You can also configure WHDLoad to disable Poseidon upon running and then re-enabling it once it quits (by using the commands I have in the scripts in it's configuration file). I find using the icons a lot easier though :P

You can grab the scripts here:

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