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it is certainly many of you already noticed that I've become pretty quiet lately on the forums - both here and in the forum I'm 64 to read only very rarely. This is not about you, but to all the work that piles up here. There are piling up and the questions which projects will be ready for until Christmas, and I will answer here:

First Indivision AGA MK2
The last prototype before mass production since late October is here, and I just have no time to build it. I'll have to move on in January, and then probably have to take the help of Michael Böhmer claim to the part time to get ready.

Second Indivision ECS
Here some of you may already have noticed that there have been occasional delays. The reason is that demand has picked up tremendously after this Flickerfixer in the last eight weeks. As much as I am glad this development is so unfavorable to high demand, because the camp is almost empty. A new production run is underway, but I can not guarantee availability before Christmas. Before anyone asks: The product is not changed. It is error-free and is (finally) well received. The small number of support cases also shows that it does exactly what you have presented to you.

Third ACA1231-42
Here we all are eagerly awaiting the delivery of Winbond. Certainly it is known that is installed on the card the fastest SD-Ram, which is available on the market. Unfortunately, there have been delays, because we had to postpone the production again. Next week it will finally be ready, and begin the assembly of the SMD part can. Here is a real chance that the card is located under the Christmas tree.

4th Micromys V3
Here the situation is similar to Indivision ECS: The stock is low, the constant demand, and a new production run is underway. The stock is so low that I can not say whether's it until Christmas.

5th ACA520
The announced accelerator for the A500 will have to wait until next year, since a few weeks in October and November for Neque are all spent ', which I had not been scheduled. Nevertheless, I myself have great pleasure to the A500 to be provided with a bit more CPU power, and crankshaft and a CF slot, so we can get to "alumni" back to the Amiga. The 500 is a great form factor that can be turned into a very nice machine WHDLoad. There does not need a turbo card, but only a good measure of 32-bit power, which can provide a 14MHz 68020 with 16MB FastMem and in any case.

6th Neque
The next-generation router is the real reason why delayed my beloved retro projects so much. We have spent many months working to get the wireless up and running part of what was achieved in November last. To ensure that this milestone is just stupidly fallen into the Christmas season, in which I always like to take distance themselves from contract work, business meetings and suit makers.
In Christmas 2009 and 2010, I've managed to Neque push aside a little, but now that we are on two fronts have a breakthrough, a new prototype drive announced urgently, we can now 600Mbit wireless and optical gigabit transmission ("fiber to the home "), which are entered into mass production must urgently.
Next year is going to Neque multiple demand in the retail sale. During internal testing, and after publication of several sources, which are under GPL, some technical data to the VoIP community are penetrated. The result: constant demand for the box, the VDSL2, 5-GHz WLAN, gigabit switch, and an Asterisk PBX has on board. We will operate from 2012, this demand, the router will be available in different configurations even when Vesalia.

For me this means: Abbreviated Christmas. I need to start operating the new Neque prototype to Taiwan, and that on 25 December in the morning - otherwise, are not the prototype at CES in Las Vegas ready. I am flying to CES but not - that's too stressful. From the first week of January, I can put more time into retro-projects, so the belated Christmas gifts do not come so badly delayed.

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