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Well, straight forward. New date for the MKII, but it isn't a date as much as a month. January. So no Christmas gift for my self this year.

ACA1231-42 have been slightly delayed due to the memory going in to the "unobtainium" category. "Might" be available for Christmas as it's going in to assembly. If i understood it right, by the end of this week, or start of next. So it's going to be a real tight fit if your going to find one under your Christmas tree.

A little bit more revealed on the ACA520, seams to be a 14MHz part, and come with 16MB fastmem. (Should make for a good enough WHDload experience with the IDE also on the ACA520)

Reservations for my poor understanding of German, but i did run it through a machine translator just to get a second opinion, so to speak.
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