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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
The drive is FZ 357A. It knows when I insert a hd floppy. Though it becomes very slow when using high density floppies. :/
This is because the drive runs at 300rpm (just like normal DD drives) when reading/writing DD floppies, but slows to 150rpm when reading/writing HD floppies. This is how the drive fits twice as many sectors on a track while maintaining the same data rate.

Originally Posted by lifeschool View Post
I used to have a Power XL drive which did need to use a special patch to access the 'HD' side of the drive - it worked fine for 880/720 disks. I guess that only applies to that particular drive though.
The Power Computing XL external High Density floppy drive needs no patch to read HD floppies; the patch is required only to write/format them.
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