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I didn't actually mount the PC0: file that came with OS3.9 I just looked at the PC0 text file and saw "720k PC floppy" entry there. So I thought I needed CrossDos Gold for HD

Anyway I installed CrossDos gold and updated it to 7.4 using spatch command. It reads 1.44 mb disks. Somehow, it feels real nice knowing that I can make my Amiga read high density disks. Not that it's useful.. Sending files via wireless is much faster. :P

The Amiga keeps writing and writing to the floppy. Pretty weird! Maybe I can create a 1 disk version of a 2disk game I like.

The drive is FZ 357A. It knows when I insert a hd floppy. Though it becomes very slow when using high density floppies. :/
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