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As a small contribution using the AWESOME palette of Rebel, I'm sharing my full collection of 640x512@16color backdrops.

Most of these backdrops were re-scaled/cropped one-by-one from RTG to 640x512 and then color-remapped via ImageStudio based on Rebel's 16 colors palette.
They work like a charm in any 16 color installation that has Rebel's Palette via FullPalette or Scalos.
Latest Bloodwych's ClassicWB installation have this palette installed so it works perfectly there as well without extra work! (Bloodwych you rulez)

I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do

You can check some thumbnails here:
- General Backdrops (Amiga related)
- Games Backdrops
- Misc Backdrops

Download link here

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