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Originally Posted by jman View Post
Today I was browsing to check for the latest entries.

I don't know how much their business model is successful, but - provided the needed conditions - it would be interesting if same could be applied to old hardware platforms.

Imagine how cool would it be to have a distribution agreement with some copyright holders to sell autorunning installers with 1 or more games.
You pay $1.99 and you buy WinUAE + Populous II.
You pay $0.79 and you buy VICE + Track&Field.
For $4.99 you can have WinUAE with the 5 most known EA games.

The cheap ticket to the memory lane, without knowing anything about emulators or games, just plug you USB joypad.

Notice that since most emulators are GPL'd, technically you buy the right to play the game and you only distribute the emulator packed, all in one EXE, exactly like is doing with DOSbox.

The system ROMs you say? Yes, those are a problem. In the medium term, maybe for WinUAE con be solved with a free implementation, but the others are definitively the show-stopper.
Also because the hardware copyright holders are far from being open to any discussion and I'm sure I'm not the first one that imagined this scenario :-)
But you can do this anyway provided you own an amiga or amiga forever ...Im using bootable exe's in my launcher.....without the launcher they are just bootable it and the game winuae or anything needs to be installed there all self contained
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