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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
Nobody mentioned YAM/SimpleMail?! What I think is useful (additional): SnoopDOS, MultiRen, Scout/XOpa, HRTmon, AmIRC, DigiboosterPro, SoundFX, ... a lot more.
yea, you are totally right, daxb.. I missed a bunch of apps... I bet we ALL did... SnoopDos, and DigiBoosterPro Especially..
And, well... I have only gotten a small few Email programs to work.. but the '060 version of YAM is just PERFECT!

Oh, lemme add DrawStudio, LightWalker...
Synthia (IF you can figure it out! LOL!)
ArtEffect 4 (psst, anyone have an Amiga-comp. tablet + driver for cheap?)

etc, etc. ad nauseum.....

Ack! I forgot Photogenics! LOL!

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